Tom Clancy’s The Division; All we know and The Division beta!

The Division ARTWORK

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an open world online RPG. You shouldn’t confuse this game with an MMO as it isn’t. It is being developed by a bunch of Ubisoft’s studios and will be published by Ubisoft themselves.

On Black Friday terrorists succeeded to infect US bills in New York City with a bio virus which killed millions of people. This is what enemy factions are trying to take advantage of. After the collapse of the whole society in NYC a group of specialized agents trained for emergency scenarios like this came in action called ‘The Division’.
As the player you play as such an agent and you are just a regular human being so no special powers and you do not have the ability to undo or prevent the whole situation. Your main goal is to save the people that are still alive and finally build a new community with the survivors. The game can be played with squads up to 4 players.

The Division does not feature any drivable vehicles. This way the whole world is designed around you as an agent and not for vehicles. The fastest way to travel around the world is by using the fast travel system. You cannot fast travel to areas you have not been to yet. Areas you can fast travel to are mostly Bases which themselves contain Tradestations, Medics, Armories and much more.
There are a lot of accessible areas such as rooftops, massive tunnels through buildings or underground and many more. The whole world and environment is dynamic meaning that areas can completely change by the day. For example a perfectly safe area can be taken over by an enemy faction the next day.

Accessible  Rooftops

The game features a bunch of guns, all customizable. There are 5 different gun categories; Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Marksman rifles, Shotguns and Sidearms, again all customizable. There are also a lot of skills and abilities you can learn. There are, however, no classes with dedicated skills. This way you can customize your skills however you want without being restricted to your classes’ skills.

Even though the game is based around the open world multiplayer it does feature a storyline and has regular missions. There will also be an end-game.

As of now there are also two special zones, the Darkzones and the Social zones. The Darkzones are areas destroyed by the disease and most of the time taken over and controlled by enemy factions. Darkzones contain the best loot you can find in the game but you have to bring them to safety before you can keep your loot. This can be harder than you think as the Darkzones are also a PvP area which means that other players are probably going to hunt you down for your loot.
The Social zones are areas where all players can come together and trade, speak and just socialize. There areas can have more than a hundred players so it can be a very crowded but fun place to be.

The Division Night-time

Well that is pretty much all we know so far. The current release date is set to March 8 2016 however there will be a Tom Clancy’s The Division beta later this year in which you can take part. Personally I can’t wait for this beta to start so we can finally get a good look at the game ourselves.